Many of our staff here at the station are pretty skilled when it comes to driving via Mario Kart. The driving routes are always crazy with a ton of twists, but what if you could bring some of it to life? Now you might not be able to race on a volcano, but what if you could own an actual Mario Kart?

Nintendo has partnered with West Coast Customs to create life-size models of Mario's Standard Kart and Luigi's Bumble V Kart. While the characters are forced to drive through hazardous courses, regular people soon wont. Along with building the kart, expect an episode with the West Coast Customs construction on these karts.

If you want to read more about the vehicles and hear about the new Mario Kart 7 video game, check out the full story here.

Maybe this is how the roads will look some day with these Karts out and about...




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