No Doubt are delivering hard to their loyal fans, old and new. The California-based band may be one of the biggest on the planet in the last 20 years, but they remember their SoCal roots — and they’re getting back to them with a mini-residency in promotion of ‘Push and Shove,’ which hits shelves Sept. 25.

The band announced the news on their website via one of the many charming video clips they’ve been privy to lately.

“Do you guys want to play some shows?” Tony Kanal asks his bandmates in front of a plain black backdrop. Gwen Stefani replies, “Yeah, yeah, I wanna play some shows.”

They ruminate on where to play, then decide on the Gibson Amphitheater, but they can’t just play one show. And they can’t just do three shows like they did last time — indeed, Adrian Young is seen motioning “up” in terms of their numbers. Four isn’t satisfactory. Tom Dumont points out that “Five is one more than four,” but Stefani laments, “Five isn’t an even number.” Kanal and Stefani conclude, “We should do six.”

The band will indeed perform six shows at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles just after Thanksgiving, with sets on Nov. 24, 26, 28, 30 and Dec. 2 and 4. You can snag tickets to the shows here.

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