Gwen Stefani and her No Doubt bandmates are always looking hot, but that was even more true than usual last night on 'The Tonight Show' when they performed their new single, 'Looking Hot.'

Built around synths and electronic sounds, 'Looking Hot' is perhaps the most danceable track on the group's latest album, 'Push and Shove.' In the live setting, No Doubt found a way to have electric guitars take over those sounds while retaining the essence of the track. And that cool mid-song horn solo reminded us of the intro to 'Spiderwebs.'

Stefani was slightly more conservative than usual in appearance, with a sleeveless black shirt, gray pants and heels. The entire band, in fact, wore a white, black and gray color scheme for the late-night appearance with Jay Leno.

Stefani told MTV that 'Looking Hot' almost wasn't recorded. "It was one of those songs that was almost thrown away," she admitted. "It was an end of a song that turned into a chorus that ended up being [a song] ... it was one of those weird transitional songs."

'Push and Shove' debuted at No. 3 last month. The band is expected to announce an upcoming concert tour, though so far the only dates on their schedule are a series of shows in Los Angeles in late November.

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