Are you rushing off to Sangertown or Consumer Square early on Black Friday morning? Are are you going to lounge around at home and actually enjoy the holiday weekend?

With Cyber Monday and all the online shopping opportunities, Black Friday seems even less of a priority these days. Despite that, many people will still head out early to be in line when the stores open, ready to snatch up those one or two "come on" items at insane discounts. Is it really worth it? Do you REALLY need another 75" TV or a DSLR camera? Maybe it would be nice and maybe it really is a good deal, but in the end, THEY still got you to spend money. And most of those good deals will still be around for the next couple weeks, with even better deals still to come.

While I briefly entertained looking at the Black Friday sales ads, my daughter had another idea. She said:

Since there's no school, can we have a pajama day and play Monopoly all morning long on Friday?

Brian McEntire/ThinkStock

That settles it. No shopping before noon on Black Friday from now on. There are other much more important things in life. Like that marathon Monopoly session. And a pajama day.


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