In today’s “totally weird invention” file (we have an actual file but it’s very thin), we present “La Gelee Musicale” or Noisy Jelly, a project by Raphaël Pluvinage and Marianne Cauvard that transforms ordinary household gelatin desserts into electronic musical instruments.

First, you create a variety of geometric shapes with the molds, colors and agar agar (a thickening agent). Once the molds have set, pop out your Jell-O, set it on a special electronic board, and start to play.

The strength of the finger contact, amount of salt in the gelatine and shape of the form all control the soundwaves. As the gelatine degrades and melts, the sound also changes.

We think Skrillex needs to start playing some sweet drops on this thing.

Learn more about it and see more pictures at DesignBoom.