No students were injured but the High School in the Central Illnois city of Normal went on lock down after a 14-year-old allegedly brought a gun to school and shot it off into the ceiling.

School district officals to WJBC:

several people were taken in for questioning, but only one person has been arrested.  He said he doesn’t anticipate any more arrests.

Bleichner said the student fired shots from a handgun, but it’s not clear how many shots were fired. He said the student didn’t seem to be targeting anyone in particular.

Police said they haven’t determined a motive in the shooting.

Unit 5′s School Reach system notified parents that shots were fired inside the building and that no one was injured. Niehaus noted that many of those calls went only to home phones. He said the district is working on expanding its School Reach program to reach more people on cell phones.

The school was placed on lockdown for a time until police had the situation under control.


Students where taken to a nearby school and then released to their parents.  The evening's sporting events have been cancelled.   No other schools, including the nearby Illinois State University, were affected.