No, it wasn't some contest through the snack company, the man decided to pick up a lottery ticket while getting the treats for his dog. It ended up being a REALLY great decision.

Can you imagine?? You're at your local convenience store, picking up a snack for yourself, or maybe like this man, you're picking up some "Slim Jims" for your dog, and you just feel the urge to buy a lotto ticket. You do, scratch it off, and it says you've won 10 million dollars. You'd probably be in disbelief, wondering if you read the ticket right, and wondering what made you think to pick up that specific ticket, especially seeing as you didn't go to the store for a lottery ticket.

Well, that's just part of the craziness that is life, right?

And that's the story for one New York man. According to New York Upstate, the Fort Edward man bought a $30 ticket from his local Cumberland Farms store when he was buying Slim Jims for his dog "Boots."

By the way, adorable name for the dog.

The man is Dale Farrand, a 73-year-old from the eastern edge of our state. According to New York Upstate,

Farrand will receive a lump-sum payment of $6.7 million after required withholdings.

Even with all the taxes and such taken out, he's walking away with over 6 million dollars! Imagine all the things you could do in your life with that money! Whether you wanted to catch up on bills, maybe pay off your home, or if you just wanted to go crazy and spend it all on extravagant things. The options are nearly endless.

A big congratulations to Dale Farrand, what an adventurous last few days/weeks it must have been for him. And good luck to anyone else who decides to spend $30 on the "350,000,000 Cash Spectacular" lottery ticket. According to the New York Lottery there are still TWO grand prizes of 10 million dollars that haven't been claimed, and THREE 2nd places prizes of $250,000 that haven't been claimed.

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