A 28-year-old man ran his vehicle off the road and crashed into a tree because he was distracted while playing the new 'Pokemon Go' game.

Whether you love 'Pokemon Go" or you hate it (or just don't care), it's all the world has been talking about for the last week. With all the good that comes from the game - People getting outside more, walking around, interacting and making new friends - There are going to be some down sides, as in people not making smart choices. Playing while driving is one of those not-so-smart choices, which is exactly what happened in Auburn, New York.

A 28-year-old was trying to drive and play the game at the same time, when he went off the road and crashed into a tree, according to Auburn Pub. The accident happened around 10:44 Tuesday night, just off of Owasco Street. Luckily, the driver wasn't seriously injured in the crash - He did have a few cuts and was disoriented, though.

With the news of the crash, the Auburn Police Department released a warning to those playing the game. The Auburn Pub reports,

The APD advisory reminds players to use "common sense" when playing "Pokemon Go." The police department advises players to remember not to use the application while driving a motor vehicle or riding a bicycle.

With so many people moving around trying to "Catch 'em All," it's very important to keep an eye out, and be extra careful. Like the Auburn Police Department says "use common sense." This driver's story could have been a whole lot worse.




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