Geoffery Rogers is an eighth grader from Rochester, New York who spends a lot of his free time reporting the news. His reports though, have been put on hold after he was robbed.

Rogers is a kid with a dream, but unlike most kids his age he's already started chasing his dreams in every way he knows how. He's started the "GSL Show" - His own media/news outlet, where he reports on everything in his community - From car accidents to fires to snow accumulations during a storm. He's a very gifted teen who has the chance to go so far in his life.

Unfortunately for Rogers, his camera and bike were stolen on Black Friday. He was more than upset when he posted a Facebook Live video - Saying he didn't know what to do, and thinking that the "GSL Show" was going to have to shut down. He doesn't even care too much about the bike, he's more upset about his camera, and not being able to report the news. You can see his Facebook video below:

Rogers is a very talented young man, and to have something like this happen - Something to try and smash his dreams... It's just heartbreaking to hear. He has started a Go Fund Me Page, hoping to raise enough money to buy a new camera (as of Monday evening more than $2,000 has been raised for Rogers). You can get all the details and see the page here.

This young journalist has a whole lifetime of reporting to go - Hopefully he gets the help he needs and can get back to doing what he loves - reporting the news. You can see some of his great newswork in the videos below:

Geoffery Rogers offers a quick weather update during a snowstorm:

He even talks with the Mayor of Rochester after he was being bullied in school:

He reports all sides of the news - Even the sad stories in his community:



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