In the age of social media, generally you will see harmless challenges go viral. In New York, an ugly dangerous challenge is making itself known again called the "Eraser Challenge".

What in the world is the eraser challenge? This challenge involves rubbing an eraser on your skin to the point where the persons skin will burn. Who ever has the biggest burn, wins. The challenge has to be one of the dumbest things to ever surface, however, kids will be kids. The sad part, this challenge isn't new.

West Genesee School Superintendent Dr. Christopher Brown, just posted on his online blog that this challenge is making it's way back into schools.

I am hopeful that the recent articles do not cause our students to try that again. Once was enough. The eraser challenge is not safe. It can cause open wounds that you and I know won't be taken care of well by teenagers."

Needless to say, if you participate in this challenge, you could be at risk for long term scaring. If you see children, or adults, playing this game, please remind them of the risks.



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