Last night more than 75 citizens of Utica came out to Liberty Bell Park in downtown to protest Wall Street, and be part of the “Occupy Utica” movement. Protesters came out in support of those on Wallstreet believing that the same issues apply to the people here in Utica. People all over the country are fed up with the actions of the United States government, and Utica came out last night to support the cause.

According to, “Occupy Utica is an organic, non-violent, leaderless, grassroots collective formed in solidarity with the Occupy Wall St. movement. We are the people, we are you, we are the 99%, we will NOT be silenced.”. The group also states that their “movement does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, political beliefs, or immigration status”. They are letting people know that “all are welcomed, and all will be respected.”

One Reporter, Gino Geruntino from WIBX, went down to Liberty Bell Park and talked to a few members of the crowd about the protest. Nash Potter was just one of many protesting. Potter is currently a student at Suny IT, and according to Geruntino, Potter says that the protest is not a Democrat or Republican issue, but an American issue.

We’re all different, we’ve all got different opinions, but for the most part we’re all down here for the same thing” Potter said.

That same thing is the very reason people are doing this down on Wall Street. According to, “We will Occupy Utica in solidarity with the occupiers on Wall St. and in hundreds of cities in the Unities States and worldwide. We are the 99%. We occupy so that all people who feel wronged by the corporate/political forces of the world can know that we are strong, we are united, we are the 99%!

Some protesters came prepared with tents, water bottles and canned food. Of course the movement is a peaceful one, and Utica doesn't want to have any of the bad publicity that Wall Street is currently having. The group has set up some ground rules:

  1. Please allow free and unimpeded access to buildings, the street and at least half the sidewalk.
  2. Please cross the street at the crosswalks.
  3. Please comply with reasonable requests and orders from law enforement officers, and please do not antagonize them.

They keep reminding people that “This is a peaceful protest, violence or property damage are not welcome.” For the full rules and guidelines please visit