Besides Halloween candy, what should you buy this month?  These are October's best deals.  Ready to shop and save? 

Air conditioners:

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Chances are you're not thinking about air conditioners as the temps start to fall, but you should if you want to get a good deal.   The stores don't want to take up valuable storage space, so they'd rather get rid of their air conditioners,  which means deep discounts for you.  Buy one now and you'll be glad next summer.

Back To School Supplies:

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Now that the back to school rush is over, it's time to move out the back to school merchandise and make room for holiday merchandise.

Summer gear:

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October is a good month to buy a gas grill, patio furniture or other summer outdoor gear.  The stores want summer merchandise gone, so they're gonna discount these items to get rid of them.


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Didn't get jeans during the back to school rush?  Good, because it you buy them this month, you'll get a better deal.  Plus, you can never have too many pairs of jeans, right?


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With the newer models arriving, you'll get a better appliance deal if you don't mind buying an older model.

Toys and Games:

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The holidays are coming and many stores are offering discounts now on toys and games to get a jump on holiday shopping.  This month is a great one to save on toys and games and cross some names off your shopping list.