The folks at personal finance website WalletHub have published their list of 2018's Best- & Worst-Run Cities in America.

WalletHub ranked 150 U.S. cities across a wide swath of metrics, including services offered, budgetary considerations and other factors. The study focused on major metropolitan areas, so places like Utica and Rome were not measured. Other cities in New York state did not fare so well. Here are the detailed ranks for New York markets:

  • New York was #148 (with only Detroit and Washington, DC scoring lower)
  • Yonkers came in at #133
  • Rochester was #127
  • Syracuse was #126
  • Buffalo came out best of all New York cities measured at #118

Some of the factors that made up the study were crime rate, air pollution levels, quality of roads, debt, jobs and graduation rates.

New York markets did score well in some isolated areas, like a 5th overall mark for New York City in Safety, a #1 overall rating for Rochester in Infrastructure and Pollution Rates, and nice rankings for Yonkers in Safety (#1) and Health (#8).

The top three best-run cities in the study were Nampa, Idaho (first), Provo, Utah and Boise, Idaho.

Which cities in Central New York do you think are the best- and worst-run?


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