New crime statistics are out and some Central New York locales did not fare well in the murder, rape, robbery and burglary departments.

Crime was broken into two categories--violent crime and property crime. Then, cities, towns and villages were issued a "crime score," with property crime given a weight of 20% and violent crime a weight of 80%, because the latter is usually of greater concern to citizens of any given area. The statistics came from FBI data from 2017. Only towns with populations of at least 5,000 were measured.

The 30 most dangerous places in Upstate New York include:

  • Oneida #26 (an improvement over 2018's #18 spot)
  • Ilion #21
  • Utica #17 (#13 last year)
  • Batavia #14
  • Syracuse #12 (worse than #14 in 2018)
  • Herkimer #7 (an improvement from #4 last year)

Niagara Falls, New York has had the dubious distinction of being rated the most dangerous upstate market for two years in a row.

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