If anyone knows the success that the U.K. version of  ‘X Factor‘ can bring, it’s One Direction. While the boys –who were eliminated on the show as individuals then re-assembled as a group by Simon Cowell – did not win their season (we know, we don’t get it either), they have gone on to achieve major success in the pop world. What better way to show how ‘X Factor’ dreams come true then by recounting it in a promo spot?

The clip is 30 seconds long, but crams a lot into that half-minute. Archival footage of the lads as young boys is prominently featured. Niall Horan reveals that he played Oliver in a school musical at 10, while Liam Payne shared that he blasted through karaoke at 5. He reveals that “I used to just get up and sing Robbie Williams on karaoke.” Adorbs with a capital “A.”

Harry Styles says, “A group of my friends at school were in a band and they needed a singer, so then I joined,” while Zayn Malik admits, “My music teacher, she told me to audition for ‘X Factor’ when I was like 15.”

Finally, a clip of Louis Tomlinson declaring “We are the five luckiest boys on the planet right now, we’re loving every minute” on their season of ‘X Factor’ is shown. Full circle, indeed.

It’s a great way to hype up the new season.

As for the new season of ‘X Factor’ in the U.S., that kicks off in September!