Players across the National Football League will suit up in their usual uniforms for games this weekend, but their cleats will be truly unique. It's the Cleats for a Cause weekend and one New England Patriot will be representing a local organization bringing awareness to the plight of Domestic Violence.

The Cleats for a Cause weekend allows players to demonstrate to the world causes that mean something special to them. When the New England Patriots released what each player's cleats will look like, one of them stood out and looked quite familiar to many in Central New York. Fullback Jakob Johnson has decided to wear cleats in honor of Kristin Palumbo-Longo and the organization that formed following her tragic death. Johnson will be wearing the emblem of Kristin's Fund when he takes the gridiron on Monday night to take on the Buffalo Bills.

On September 28th, 2009 Kristin lost her life as a result of domestic violence. Since that awful day her sister, family and others are working hard to prevent tragedies like hers from happening again and to keep her legacy alive. The Kristin's Fund website says of Kristin,

As a mother of four, she devoted her time to nurturing her children. She was a hockey mom, a cheerleading coach, and a "pseudo mom" to her children's friends—always willing to open the doors to anyone who wanted or needed to spend time in their home.

Now, her legacy and the hard work Kristin's Fund will be on display as The New England Patriots take on one of their biggest rivals on Monday Night Football, the Buffalo Bills. So, when you're watching the game be sure to look for #47 and his purple cleats with the Kristin's Fund logo on them and remember the importance of bringing awareness to an ongoing problem facing not only our nation, but the world. Remember Kristin.

Eric J. Adler/New England Patriots
Eric J. Adler/New England Patriots
Eric J. Adler/New England Patriots
Eric J. Adler/New England Patriots

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