On two separate occasions, I've been driving around town and I've seen lawns covered in plastic flamingos and signs that say "You've Been Flocked!"

But what does that even mean?

The most recent experience I had was on my way home in Marcy. One of my neighbors had been "flocked." His entire front lawn was covered with lawn flamingos, and the sign. I couldn't read the full sign from my car, so I walked down the street to see if I could read it better.


Hope In Action is an organization that supports children with cancer. The "flocking" is a fundraiser that anyone can participate in, all to raise money and awareness for local pediatric cancer families.

According to their Facebook page, you can be the "flock" of the town if you get selected. 100 lawns will be "flocked" throughout the month of June, and each "flock" lasts three days before flying away to their next location.

How Can I Be "Flocked?"

You can request a form and more information on how to "flock" someone by emailing flockpediatriccancer@gmail.com. Anyone who gets "flocked" can find out the identity of who "flocked" them, but only with a $5 donation to Hope In Action. The idea is to "flock" someone else to get them to, hopefully, continue the trend and "flock" someone themselves.

Oneida County has been getting "flocked" like crazy.

This is such a great idea to raise money for families who need it most right here in our own community, and it's fun too! Definitely planning on "flocking" someone myself, now to decide who it should be....

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