An Oneida woman is going the extra mile for the people that go the extra mile for all of us during the holiday season: the folks who deliver all your packages.

Let's face it, with COVID making shopping in stores a little less appealing, many of us are doing plenty of shopping online - which mean the UPS, USPS, and FedEx drivers are hustling to bring more packages than ever to expectant recipients. We're not just ordering small things either - drivers often deliver boxes weighing over 100 pounds to your door step.

Credit: Ammie Ruhmel
Credit: Ammie Ruhmel


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Ammie Ruhmel of Oneida is saying 'thank you' in a creative way. Ammie says she wants to brighten the holiday of others - especially those that may not hear 'thank you' quite often enough.

"It has been really hard to get into the Christmas spirit for me this year," Ammie wrote on Facebook. "For some, it has been especially hard for one or multiple reasons. Over the next 10 days I want to spread a little holiday cheer to others and hope to bring some sense of the meaning. Spreading joy! We could all use a little extra this year!"

On her porch, Ammie set up a basket full of treats for delivery drivers - including things like Gatorade, Cheez-Its, and even candy canes, saying "Thank you for helping Santa deliver Christmas treats! Please enjoy these goodies that you can eat and drink."

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