The flu is spreading like crazy across the country this winter, but don't worry — the gents from OneRepublic are here to keep you healthy. Ryan Tedder and company participated in a skit on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' in which they sang a 'Hand Washing Song' to encourage people to wash their hands for the full recommended time of 20 seconds.

"Guillermo, that's not nearly long enough to wash your hands properly!" Tedder scolded a hit-and-run hand washer as the sketch began. OneRepublic gathered around the guy and made him wash properly while Tedder sang goofy lyrics like, "Lather, rinse, and don't forget to repeat / Or your hands will be dirty as a public toilet seat."

Of course, the guys didn't stop by the program merely to encourage proper restroom hygiene. They also served as the musical guest and performed their two most recent singles, 'Feel Again' and 'If I Lose Myself,' the latter featuring a string section.

Both songs will appear on OneRepublic's third studio album 'Native,' which drops Mar. 26. We can confidently report that 'Hand Washing Song' probably will not make the album. But wouldn't it be cool if it did?

Watch OneRepublic Perform 'Feel Again'

Watch OneRepublic Perform 'If I Lose Myself'

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