While there's a lot of good that comes out of the holiday season, there's always a couple Grinches in the mix who try to steal the joy out of Christmas. After a central New York woman scared away a porch pirate at her Oswego home, she decided to leave a present out for the next time they tried to come by.

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Lauren Pepper got back at the porch pirate by filling an old Amazon box with her 2-year-old daughter's dirty diapers, according to WSYR. When she looked outside the next morning, the stinky box was gone. Pepper told WSYR she set out her tablet to try to catch the thief in action, but her tablet died. She also has a message for anyone thinking of stealing packages from her porch or others'.

"You never know what's in it," Pepper told WSYR, laughing. "[It] could be dirty diapers."

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