You saw the recent story: Oswego landlord offers female tenants lower rent deals in exchange for sex. If it sounded familiar in connection with Oswego, it's because it's just the latest public sex scandal to ooze out of the Port City on Lake Ontario.

John Gosek, the former mayor of Oswego, was embroiled in an inappropriate sexual relationship in 2005, according to an account in, in which he used a phone to try and coerce a minor into sex.

The superintendent of the Oswego Parks & Recreation Department was also accused of using a city-owned computer to lure young girls into sexual acts in 2002 and 2003, as was reported by

The latest affair involves Doug Waterbury, which sounds like an alias a celebrity might assume while checking into a hotel. But, it's not.

Waterbury is the owner of the Sterling Renaissance Fair, Sylvan Beach Amusement Park, and over 50 rental properties in Oswego. Six women have filed charges against him in federal court on sexual harassment charges, also according to a story in

The habitual, scurrilous behavior in the Port City even prompted a parody song years ago called "Oswego," to the Boz Scaggs hit "Lido Shuffle."

Oswego became a punchline, but it also has lots of positives--the annual, citywide July 4th party known as Harborfest, the famous Al Roker sandwich at the Oswego Sub Shop, the friendly membership and challenging course at Oswego Country Club--and, in the long run, the good stuff hopefully outweighs the bad stuff.

Go see for yourself. Oswego sits right on one of the Great Lakes. There are fantastic restaurants and bars and really good people. It's only a 90-minute drive from Utica.


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