As heard on the Most Music Morning Show this morning with Mark Richards, segments of Dr. Martin Luther King's 'I Have A Dream' speech still impact us today. But Dr. King was more than just one speech. On this Federal Holiday we take a moment to remember the civil rights leader and the other words he spoke raising awareness of the inequality of the times of his life.

In Dr. Kings 'Loving Your Enemies' speech, he suggests that we look deeply at ourselves and acknowledge that in each person that we dislike, there is still some good qualities that we can admire. We can love people we think we hate. In this video clip the Reverend expands on the premise that we should love ourselves for who we are.

Here are a few minutes of his most famous speech, 'I Have A Dream' spoken on August 28, 1963. Here is a few minutes of the speech that we generally don't hear.

When he spoke in 1967 he could foresee the trouble ahead if America doesn't change it's ways. He focused on getting the message out in a peaceful way.

In his 'Knock At Midnight' speech, you can feel the emotions of his struggle. You'll hear the fear he had for his families safety. This speech contains STRONG LANGUAGE with racial overtones that may not be suitable for work.

And finally, in 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King's gave his last speech where he focused on our right to speak out and protest against injustice.