What started with one man helping a few people has turned into a group coming together to help hundreds of kids get everything they need to go back to school.

Seeing parents struggle to get school supplies bothered Bryan Brockway of Rome, New York so much he decided to do something to help. He and his lifelong friend Nazie Adolphi started a backpack supply drive. They put together 50 backpacks the first year. The second year they reached out to family and friends and brought in 75. The 3rd and 4th year businesses and the Rome Police Department pitched in, bringing in 400 backpacks.

This year with assistance from the Lake Delta Kiwanis Club, the school supply drive broke a record, helping more than 500 kids. "This is by far the most we have had, shattering last year's mark of 416," said Brockway. "This is incredible and I can’t thank all the volunteers enough."

Brockway and Adolphi even brought bookbags to the Quality Inn to help all the families displaced from the flooding.

Credit - Bryan Brockway
Credit - Bryan Brockway

"I’m beyond thankful for every single person who even had the smallest part in making this successful," said Brockway. "I wish you truly understood the hard work and dedication that goes into this. The loading and unloading of school supplies in 98-degree heat. The endless counting and recounting to make sure everyone gets one or two of everything. The hours that get put into this are endless. When it’s all said and done, it’s worth every. Single. Second."

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