There's a new way to get rid of all that rage in Central New York. With paint!

You can release all that pent-up frustration by throwing and breaking everything iSmash in Syracuse has to offer. Or you can add a little color to your world and toss some paint in the blacklight splatter paint room. Better yet, do both.

Channel your inner finger painting child at iSmash, with locations in Syracuse and Rochester, where you can turn your body into a canvas to create your own masterpiece. Disposable ponchos and coverings will also be provided if you want to stay clean.

Credit - iSmash Rochester via Facebook
Credit - iSmash Rochester via Facebook

Get Dirty

Doesn't putting on a poncho defeat the purpose of a splatter party? You're supposed to get covered in paint. The kids will love it and you'll be provided with a canvas you can paint and take home to savor the memory.

Credit - iSmash Rochester via Facebook
Credit - iSmash Rochester via Facebook

Paint Packages

There are two Slatter Parties to choose from. 20 minutes and 3 paint bottles for $25 or 50 minutes and 7 paint bottles for $45. Each party comes with a canvas too. Who needs a food fight when you can have a paint fight?

The only thing missing is a set of drums so we can all recreate the bar scene with Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality.

Rage Room

Need something a little more destructive? Smash common household items like glassware, dishes, and electronics. Specialty items like car windshields and office copy machines are also available at iSmash. You can even pound on a used car if you want. iSmash provides various tools and implements for smashing too, including crowbars, baseball bats, golf clubs, and sledgehammers.

Rome Rage Room

The Rage Room in Rome has closed with plans to move to a new location. The building at 1188 Erie Blvd. has been put on the Utica Garage Sales Facebook page.

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