Parents are being warned of a dangerous new viral video “challenge” the kids are doing.

The TikTok Challenge, Penny Challenge or Outlet Challenge, encourages kids to make a video of themselves placing a cell phone charger partially into an electrical socket and sliding a penny onto the prongs. And you know nothing good will come of that!

Photo Credit - Tacoma School District
Photo Credit - Tacoma School District

The challenge concludes after the video is shared on TikTok, a video platform popular with teens and tweens.

The dangerous stunt could result in injury or death from an electrical shock. It's already caused several fires and damage to electrical systems nationwide.

“Most kids aren’t thinking about criminal charges or having to pay for the damage when they attempt these challenges,”Tacoma Washington Fire Department Lt. Marja Stowell said. “Most of them probably don’t think they could die from this either.”

All parents are encouraged to talk to their children about how dangerous this challenge can be.

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