It's now known as the "Balloon Farm" and it's listed on the national register of historic places.  You've probably seen the large 30 room Victorian style house in Frankfort across from the Herkimer County fairgrounds.

In the 1880's, the mansion was owned by aeronautical engineer Carl Myers and his wife Carlotta, otherwise known as "Carlotta, the Lady Aeronaut."  Inside the house was a shop devoted to the manufacture of lighter-than-air passenger balloons.  The facility included a sewing room to make the fabric, equipment to make hydrogen, a carpentry shop for the gondola baskets, and a metal shop.

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The couple designed and built passenger balloons and those used by the US Weather Bureau for their forecasting.   According to an article published by the Herkimer County Historical Society, the first flight done by Carlotta was in front of a crowd of nearly 15,000 spectators.  She flew some 20 miles from Little Falls to the town of Stratford.

The Myers' were hired throughout the northeast to give balloon rides to tourists and to demonstrate their balloons at exhbitions.  Their airships sometimes reached altitudes of over 2 miles.

Most recently, the Frankfort mansion was used as a bed and breakfast.

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