I know hearing the word free and New York in the same sentence is jarring. But this is a truly free thing and also prevents you from potentially getting a ticket.

The only way they aren't free to get replaced is if you so choose to keep the exact same plate number. Most people don't have any real connection to their plates, so why not take advantage of this? Maybe you have, but I have been seeing so many cars around the area with old peeling yellow plates.

As a courtesy to our customers, there is no charge for replacing peeling plates, however, customers must pay a statutory $20 fee if they want to keep their existing plate number. While plates are more likely to be subject to peeling as they age, the number of returned plates is minimal compared to the nearly 14 million New York plates on the road. In addition, the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, which contracts with vendors to produce license plates, continues to monitor for production issues and implements changes when appropriate. Vehicle owners can be ticketed for having illegible license plates. - CBS 6

It should make complete sense as to why the peeling ones are illegal too. I mean, think about it, If a cop can't read your plate he or she may be more inclined to pull you over. An unreadable plate may then result in a ticket for no good reason.

I have had my plates replaced because my old ones were peeling. I took advantage of it and boom, a week later had shiny new ones in the mail. It will only take a few minutes to get the ball rolling, click here if you have peeling plates. Also, you can just call or visit your local DMV to do it as well. Super simple!

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