Do you remember a world without computers and cell phones? It’s hard for me to remember. With my phone always attached to my hip, and access to a computer 24/7, what would happen if these were taken away?

According to a new study from the University of Maryland, people forced to live without computers, mobile phones, Internet and TVs, may start experiencing withdrawal symptoms. That’s right, symptoms like drug addicts trying to overcome their addition.

Researchers found that the participating students who stayed away from emails, texts, Facebook and Twitter, television, radio and newspapers for 24 hours started exhibiting symptoms that are commonly seen in smokers who were trying to quit smoking.

They even came up with a new name for the condition: Information Deprivation Disorder.

I had a time a few months back where I didn’t have my phone for two days and I was a mess!

Is it sad how our society depends on computers and cells? Do you like it or hate it? What are the pros and cons?

I’d have to say a good pro from this is emergency situations. When ever, where ever most of the time if you have a cell phone you can always call for help. Con, relying on this in an area with no service (Old Forge) can be costly.