Pharrell Williams had quite an eventful weekend, but the highlight had to be when he met one of his biggest fans, a young leukemia patient, during his Cincinnati concert.

Eight year-old Reef Carneson recently did a video with weed mogul Milk Tyson, who pleaded to Pharrell to FaceTime the young fan. Not only did Pharrell acknowledge the video plea, but he took things a step further and invited Carneson out to his Cincinnati concert to meet him. According to TMZ, the little boy's immune system is too weak for air travel, so Williams called for a private car to drive him into town.

The two finally came face-to-face backstage at the concert, and Pharrell even put the little boy and his younger sister up in a 5-star hotel. To make matters even sweeter, Williams invited both Carneson and his sister on stage, where he serenaded them both with his hit single, "Happy."

See the adorable footage of what happened when Pharrell and Reef came face-to-face below.


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