As Season 12 of 'American Idol' has kicked off, what better time to revisit the journey of Season 11 winner, alt-folk-rock singer/guitarist Phillip Phillips, who is one of the most successful alums in the history of the show?

In this five-minute, 'Life After Idol' clip, the adorable Southern singer reflects on the past, lets us share his present and ponders the future. Since he wrote all but two songs on his debut, 'The World From the Side of the Moon,' his future seems brighter than the sun. He says, in his typical, laid back, Southern drawl and decidedly Phillip squared fashion, all he hopes is that people feel the music.

The cameras follow the singer as he totes his guitar in a case, readies himself for photo shoots and reminisces about life in Leesburg, Georgia, which has one road that leads you in to town and then right back out.

P2 recounts his musical journey, which began with a karaoke machine at 14, when he'd spend hours listening to and rewinding tapes and CDs to figure out notes on the guitar.

He was ambitious even when he was a youngin' in the South.

From the pawn shop to pop stardom, that's been Phillip Phillips year!