A million congrats for ‘American Idol‘ Season 11 winner and resident cutie Phillip Phillips. The singer’s coronation song ‘Home’ has just gone platinum. Not too shabby for a debut single to achieve one million in sales in this day and age.

‘Home’ shifted 212,000 digital copies last week, which pushed it to No. 2 on the Billboard Digital Songs chart. The song had already sold 844,000 copies, so last week’s sales surge was enough to push an already popular song to platinum, according to Wet Paint.

The song went gold about three weeks ago. The sales boost came from the fact that it was the team anthem of the heavily covered U.S. women’s gymnastics crew during the Olympics, so Phillips and his label Interscope certainly benefited from the exposure and the association with the Olympics.

Upon release, the song made history, as well. He had one of the biggest first weeks of digital sales of any ‘Idol’ winner when the song was released back in May, moving 278,000 copies.

‘Home’ is a runaway success, which is interesting, since Phillips had said that it was not a song that he himself would have written and felt it was “too pop.” Perhaps he should eat those words and ride this crest of success. There’s plenty of time for him to write his own stuff — he’s laying the foundation of his fanbase with ‘Home.’

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