The eyes of the world were on Kate Middleton back in April when she married Prince William, but following the royal wedding, alot of people were talking about her sister Pippa Middleton, who was her Maid of Honor.  She started popping up on magazine covers and some people thought she almost stole the limelight from  Kate.  Well, we  haven't heard the last about Pippa.   Pippa is making headlines again and this time it's because she is officially single, at least according to the Times of London (via PEOPLE),  who quoted sources as saying, "It is common knowledge in their close circle of friends that Pippa" and her boyfriend, 30-year-old professional cricket player Alex Loudon, "have recently split up.

The  former couple will "stay good friends," added The Sun, though it's been reported that Pippa has been spending time with her old college flame, George Percy.

Middleton, 27, and Loudon attended the Royal wedding of Prince William and sister Kate together in April.  Hmmm, maybe the public attention proved too much for their relationship.  It can't be easy living in a fishbowl with such a famous sister and brother in law.