If you, or someone you know is looking for a job, Pizza Boys is in need of some help.

The job opening was posted on Pizza Boys Facebook Page, and is for their New York Mills location (not their Little Falls location). According to the Facebook Post (in the "Jobs" section of their Facebook Page), Pizza Boys is looking for a part-time cook, that has experience. According to the Job Posting,

[They] offer competitive pay and set/flexible work schedules. Please apply now or stop in and ask to speak with Sabrina.

So if you've been looking for a job, maybe to bring in a little extra cash this summer, and you have experience in a pizzeria or as a cook, this may be the job for you. Or if you know someone who fits these qualifications, this may be the job for them!

The New York Mills Pizza Boys location can be found at 9 Clinton Street. You can keep an eye on the latest Pizza Boys news, specials, and other information (like job postings), by following their Facebook Page at: PizzaBoysNYM

And if you do apply for the job (or send someone the information to apply for the job), we wish you good luck!




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