Three women who went missing over ten years ago were found in a Cleveland home. They all disappeared under different circumstances at different times, but all three were in found a house close to where they disappeared.

According to CNN;

Amanda Berry was last seen after finishing her shift at a Burger King in Cleveland in 2003. It was the eve of her 17th birthday. Georgina "Gina" DeJesus disappeared nearly a year later, in April 2004. She was 14. Michele Knight vanished in 2002, at age 21.

You can listen to the 911 call here;

CNN also reports that:

Amanda managed to signal to a neighbor for help yesterday, and he let her and her five-year-old DAUGHTER out of the house, so she could call 911. Here's the call. (52-year-old Ariel Castro has been arrested for the kidnappings. Along with a 50-year-old younger brother, and a 54-year-old older brother. Amanda gets very emotional in the call, saying she's been missing for ten years, but she's free now. She acts like she expects Castro to come back at any moment and recapture her.

See the full story here;

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