It's tax season and time to file your taxes, enjoy your refund and get tased by the police...what? That's what happened to 19 year old Channing Gould, who was soliciting customers for Liberty Tax Services. You've seen them out doors, wearing a Lady Liberty costume and waving a Tax Services sign. Well, according to police, disrupting traffic is a no-no.

An officer was dispatched to where Channing was at North Tarrant Parkway and Park Vista Boulevard in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area, and told him he had to go.

According to WFAA-TV (Channel 8), Gould said,

“I told [the officer] I was doing my job, I told him, ‘Get away from me! What are you doing? Go talk to my boss!’”

While attempting to gain control of Gould, the arresting officer tased him in his back, which apparently had no effect. He was tased a second time in the forehead and below his left ear before police could place him under arrest.

Gould posted bail on Tuesday and plans on fighting the charges, which include resisting arrest.

Perhaps Channing missed the life lesson of always complying with police officers.