This 13-year-old Golden Retriever is doggone lucky to be alive, thanks to one determined New York State trooper!

The incident happened in the Broome County town of Conklin, about 10 miles southeast of Binghamton, in New York's Southern Tier region. Trooper "Jimmy" Rasaphone and his partner, Trooper Ana Reynas, responded to a report of a canine trapped in a culvert pipe. Turns out the Golden Retriever lab, named Lilah, had been missing for several days, according to her owner Rudy Fuehrer.

Fuehrer told police he was worried Lilah had wandered off to die, due to her advanced age. Turns out the poor old dog had been trapped underground the whole time. It was not Lilah's time just yet. But time was running out unless somebody acted fast.

Trooper Rasaphone decided it was up to him to save the dog from certain death. So he tied a long rope to Lilah's leash and quickly shimmied 15 feet down the pipe. There he found a wet, shivering & scared Golden Retriever. Rasaphone was able to get a collar on Lilah, and with the help of Lilah's owner, they were able to pull the dog safely out of the pipe.

NYS Police photo via Facebook
NYS Police photo via Facebook

"He had no qualms. [Trooper Rasaphone] went right in. That floored me. That was astounding." -Lilah's owner Rudy Fuehrer.

Just another example why New York State police are some of the best in the country. They're always willing to lend a hand, even to creatures who don't have any.

Thanks to NYSP PIO YouTube (and Kristine Bellino!) for the footage link!

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