Sci-fi fans are shooting in their shorts over this new promo for ‘Promotheus’ that introduces us to Michael Fassebender’s character ‘David 8′, a human-like robot model from Weyland Industries that is TIPE – Technological, Intellectual, Physical, Emotional. The video accomplishes its goal of giving everyone goosebumps with Fassbender all but accepting an Academy Award for his performance and the movie doesn’t even release until early June.

We know most scientists are pumped about building human-like robots, and we’d have to think most dudes would be psyched to get the Kate Upton model, but let’s pump the brakes and not live out Terminator in real life.

This frickin’ thing in the video is CRYING. We can’t have that. We have enough trouble determining if the chick across the bra is, in fact, a chick – now we have to wonder if her insides are aluminum alloy. Crap.

Check out the clip and poster below.

[Via TheAwl]