Ready to give your yard a festive fall look? The first stop should be at an area Pumpkin Patch. With the skills of Linus tracking down the Great Pumpkin, we went searching for the best pumpkin patches and farms in Central New York.

  • Critz Farm


    Critz Farm is a tradition in Madison County and features farm products year round. Their land also proudly displays one of the Madison County barns painted as part of the county bicentennial project.
  • Cackleberry Castle Pumpkin Farm


    East of Camden on Hillsboro Road is Cackleberry Farms. The farm was a tradition for those in Eastern Oneida county during the 70s and 80s but closed. The family revived the pumpkin patch tradition in the last few years. Back with the reopened farm are the lighted pumpkin stakes that so many remember for their childhoods.

    Cackleberry Farm/Facebook
  • Abbott Farm


    The photo below just about sums it up for autumn Abbott Farms. Crisp NY apples (those are Cortlands in the picture) and huge pumpkins. Well, to be fair, add in the cider and donuts and Fall Fest and a corn maze and candy get the picture. Abbott Farms is the Syracuse area autumn destination.

    Abbott Farms/Facebook
  • Ontario Orchard


    Located on Route 104 west of Oswego, Ontario Orchard is a traditional cider mill and roadside farm stand. No wonder that you pass through the hamlet of Fruit Haven on the way out to Ontario Orchards. The crisp lake air must do something magical to the fields here.

    Ontario Orchard/Facebook