Tonight's episode of 'Ravenswood,' 'I'll Sleep When I'm Dead,' was a biggie. A big, revealing, spooky, brick of an episode. Read on to find out what happened.

The ep starts off where last week's show left off, with Miranda in possession of her jar of hair (something that has been keeping her trapped at Collins' house) and Remy all set to go off to the sleep disorder clinic.

Caleb confronts Collins with Miranda's jar, and Collins immediately freaks the freak out when Caleb tries to open it. As Caleb and Miranda go upstairs, they see smoke and find the phrase 'UNSEEN FORCES' burned into the wall.

Meanwhile, at the sleep clinic, we find out that Remy has been sleepwalking since she was a kid. When she was 7, she would have nightmares about a figure dressed in black, holding a three-sided knife over her as she slept. Hmm, where have we heard that before? Turns out, the "sleep drawings" she drew as a kid perfectly matched the drawings she drew as a 17-year-old. Creepy. The doctor at the clinic wants to conduct several tests on Remy, so they hook her up to a machine as she falls asleep. While asleep, Remy dream-walks into her childhood bedroom, where she can see the kid-version of herself sleeping as the man in black stands over her with the three-sided blade, ready to attack. Remembering what her mom said about "lucid dreaming" a few episodes ago, Now-Remy yells at the man to stop -- only to have him appear behind her and grab her from behind.

As Remy "sleeps," Olivia and Tess visit Springer in the hospital, where his mom confronts them and yells at Olivia for her family "smashing people's lives." Confused by what she meant, Livi asks Remy's dad (conveniently, the sleeping disorder clinic happens to be located in the hospital), who reveals that Olivia and Luke's dad, before becoming mayor, put Springer's father in jail when he was the city attorney. And if that wasn't shocking enough, Olivia and Tess soon uncover more secrets when they find Collins sneaking into Springer's hospital room, only to have doctors immediately rush in afterwards.

Back in Caleb-and-Miranda land, the two decide to open the jar in the cemetery. As Caleb untwists the lid, a flock of ravens fly around. Later, at the coffee shop, Miranda keeps having ghostly visions and flashbacks to her drowning, seeing rotting, dead-looking arms and the back of Max, Dylan's creepy little girl sidekick.

Soon after, she and Caleb sneak into the high school to find a spiritual book entitled 'Unseen Forces' (like the message on the wall). However, they soon get busted by a teacher, who believes they shouldn't be looking for the book. He also goes on a tirade against ghosts, claiming they are only unhelpful, something that greatly upsets Miranda.

At the sleep clinic, the doctor conducts another test on Remy, who falls asleep holding that cameo locket she just wants to keep holding onto. In her dream, she wakes up in her childhood room and begins yelling at the mysterious man in black to come out. He appears from above and jumps down on her, as the doctor notices that her brain activity is going wild. Luke goes nuts and tries to wake her up, but the doctor insists that she is just in a deeper state of her dream. The scene then shifts to Remy sitting down for a cup of tea with the creepy man. Meanwhile, a tea kettle at Miranda's house starts whistling -- and as she glances at it, she notices Remy's reflection in it and realizes she's in serious trouble.

In her dream, Remy talks to man, telling him that she and her friends broke the pact since most of them are still alive. The man, who informs Remy that she "should not have seen" the signing of the original pact, tells her that that will change -- some people have accidents, some get sick, and others even die in their sleep. Talk about chilling.

Fortunately, it's Miranda to the rescue, appearing at the sleep clinic to touch the cameo necklace in Remy's hand. As she does this, she is transported into Remy's dream and attacks the evil man with a lampshade. He begins to chase after them as they desperately run into the fun-house that is Remy's dream-closet. As the two girls approach the end of the closet, Remy jumps -- leaving Miranda to tackle the man and scream the best line uttered on the show so far: "Get out of my friend's head, you son of a b--!"

On the other side of the hospital, Olivia once again sneaks into Springer's room and asks him why he would plant the knife in her yard. To her utter surprise, he reveals that Dylan -- you know, her lovingly evil boyfriend -- put him up to it and made him do it.

As the episode draws to a close, the camera pans over Remy's empty sleep study room, and we see the black figure come in and draw red "x's" on her eyes in one of her dream-drawings, seemingly alluding to all of the bloody-eye imagery 'Ravenswood' has been pushing the past several weeks.

Seriously, seriously creepy.