The man who started the Radio Corporation of America (RCA), and was also named Time Magazine's "Man of the Year," was born, and lived much of his life in Herkimer County.  Owen D. Young also served as a legal counsel to 5 American presidents.

Young was born in a farmhouse in the Herkimer County town of Stark in the late 1800's.  He worked on the family farm, attended St. Lawrence University and then Boston University, earning a law degree.

While working for a Boston law firm, Young won a case against the General Electric Company.  According to, he was then hired by GE in Schenectady as their chief counsel.  It was while working there, he formed RCA, which soon would become the largest company in the world.  Young also was a candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination.  New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt won that nomination, and went on to serve 4 terms in the White House.

After Young retired in 1930, he built the Van Hornesville Central School near his hometown.  Shortly after his death, the school was renamed in his honor, Owen D. Young Central School.

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