Here's some exiting news for Central New York. Utica was ranked by as one of the top “hottest cities for young millennials” to buy a home in.

According to the report, Utica came in at Number 9 on the list of 20. Some of the reasons stated include; because of the ability to get more "bang for your buck" when it comes to home ownership:

Utica was once known as the Sin City of the East thanks to the strong presence of the mob. But thankfully, the former textile manufacturing town is now better known for low prices than organized crime.

Homes in this upstate New York metro are way cheaper than those in Albany, about 90 minutes east, which carry median list prices of $300,000. And because Utica is so cheap, first-time buyers tend to be young.

Most 20-something homeowners are purchasing three-bed, one-bath homes for $100,000 or less—about a third of the national median home price, says local real estate broker David Paciello of One Realty Partners"

There are plenty of amazing properties up for sale that fit that criteria.

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