I've always loved Red Robin, but when I visited a few days ago I was sorely disappointed!

One of Red Robin's trademark features has always been their "bottomless fries."  In other words, you can eat as many as you'd like at no extra charge.

Matt Hubbell

Their new container for delivering the fries is a small metal cup with no bottom on it; hence the phrase "bottomless." The concept in itself is clever enough; however, the number of fries in this tin cup pales in comparison to the massive amount the severs used to deliver.

I asked our waitress about their new way of doing things and she said that the restaurant is now corporately owned and their mission is food control. They don't want uneaten fries going to waste.That all sounds well and good; there's nothing wrong with trying to taper the number of uneaten fries. However, many restaurant patrons didn't realize the bottomless container was literally bottomless until they picked it up. The result?: Contaminated French fries. They fell on the floor and became inedible. Sorry Red Robin, you're not saving any money there.

Matt Hubbell

I still had a fun time with my adorable niece Sophia but my tiny French fry portion couldn't ketchup with my appetite. I literally ordered six containers of the bottomless fries because I gobbled up each serving within 3 minutes of being served. Our waitress was very kind but I imagine the repeated trips to the kitchen irritated her a bit.

I told our own Just Jen about my experience at Red Robin, so she decided to visit the establishment herself. Her trip was a bit more pleasant but the fry portions remained the same. She mentioned to me that the staff was very disappointed to hear about my lackluster French fry experience. They wish they could make it up to me. I hope they do!


Just Jen and I talked about Red Robin's Diminishing French Fry Portions Today.