One of my favorite things about the Super Bowl is not only the commercials, but the snacks that often are provided at watch parties. To go along with my snacks and to make sure that I have the best experience possible, Reynolds Wrap has created a new invention called the 'Hunger Harness.'

Just in time for the Super Bowl, the Reynolds Wrap Hunger Harness / human feed bag allows you to fill up the main pouch with wings or a giant sandwich, with chips in the side pocket, complete with another set of openings for dips! There's also a spot for you to put your beverage, which in turn, leaves more open room for your hands and your lap.

The Reynolds website says that the “integrated food tray that turns you into a human table—life goal accomplished.”

They also claim the "main thermal pouch keeps sandwiches melty, wings piping, and you stationary" with adjustable silver straps to create a "food-forward" look for the winter season.

In general, I'm someone who tries to buy compartmentalized plates for the big game anyway just because I like to try a little bit of everything. Maybe this is the better plan at this point?

With the 'Hunger Harness' one thing is for sure, you'll be one of the best looking people at your party and a bunch of people WILL be jealous.

For $4.99, why not?

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