It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, well at least at the stores. We haven't had any snow here in Central New York just yet, unless you include up North. You know its Christmas in New York when The Rockefeller Christmas Tree enters the city. This year the tree is heading in from Morris County New Jersey.

This year's tree is an 80-foot Norway spruce. How much do you think she weighs? This year our tree weighs right around 10 tons.

It has been growing on the Mount Olive property owned by Joseph Balku in Morris County. The tree will be loaded on a flatbed truck and erected at Rockefeller Center on Wednesday. Workers will string 45,000 lights on the branches.

The 80th Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Center will take place on November 28th.

Is it one of your dreams to see the lighting live? Well this year we have your chance.


[via Townsquare News Network-NJ]