Last year children from Sauquoit and New Hartford were injured in a roller coaster crash at the New York State Fair

Ryan Grossman, 8, of New Hartford, and Nathan Kelly, 9, of Sauquoit, were hurt when one of the cars stopped, and the other didn’t on the Comet ll roller coaster while at the NYS Fair.

Although Last year's accident was caused by operator error, a new braking system was installed to reverse that kind of mistake with a price tag of more than $125,000. Frank Zaitshik, president of Wade Shows, tells the Comet II has new magnetic brakes and sensors that will prevent two cars from bumping into each other like they did in 2015. 

"With this new magnetic braking system, there are zones," Zaitshik said. "If the sensors signal that two cars are going to be in the same zone, the magnetic brakes go into effect and stop that car."

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