Over the weekend, there was a structure fire by Bouck St and Erie Blvd East in Rome that caused a reminder to be posted on Facebook for community members.

While fighting the fire, members of the Rome FD noticed someone driving over the fire hose. In case you didn't know, this is not only extremely dangerous, but also can cause a lot of damage to the hose and is quite expensive of a fix. We're not talking about a garden hose, here.

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"We’d like to remind everyone about keeping a safe distance when we are operating at a fire scene," said the fire department on Facebook.

During yesterday’s fire there was a incident where a motorist drove over our supply hose. This is extremely dangerous. Having a established water supply is crucial to the safety of our members operating at a fire. A loss of water puts the lives of firefighters at risk and can damage our equipment. Also with the high water pressure we operate with a burst hose line becomes dangerous flailing object. Our fire hose must be tested annually in order to ensure it is safe to use. When someone drives over our hose even if it does not appear to be damaged it still must be taken out of service until it can be tested. If a length of hose has to be replaced due to damage or failing the service test it can cost over $600 to replace.

The last thing firefighters need is someone driving through the area where they're trying to work. While the person who did this may not understand the severity of the issue, it's important to know going forward.

Try to stay out of the area in general when a fire is being attended to.

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