No trouble brewing as Starbucks coffee shop is a go for Mohawk Acres Plaza in the City of Rome New York.

Plans for the first Starbucks location for the Rome area received the green light by the city Planning Board during its regular monthly meeting held in Common Council Chambers of City Hall.

According to the Rome Sentinel, plaza owner Randy Soggs appeared before the board for final approval of the Site Environmental Quality Review, preliminary plat review and site plan review. The location would be on a three-lot minor subdivision at 1790 Black River Blvd, with the site plan for the construction of a 1,988 square-foot Starbucks on one of the subdivided parcels.

Since last meeting before the board, Soggs said he and developers incorporated some comments about general traffic flow and made modifications to their plans. They re-orientated the walking area that connects the main center to the property. They also added additional bollards in the parking lot to stop drivers from making shortcuts in order to control traffic. The second entrance to the property was converted to “egress only” so customers are not coming in through the shopping center driveway.

Shrubs around the property will also address state Department of Transportation concerns for shining headlights that could create a visual hazard. The owner also informed the board that he was already granted an area variance from the city Zoning Board of Appeals for the amount of glass (windows) on the building.

“We anticipate a March or April groundbreaking,” said Soggs.

Soggs said when the store does open, it may open around 7AM and close at 9PM. Soggs said upon approval, he would submit his exterior design of the shop to Starbucks Coffee Company, and that a team representing Starbucks would put together the architectural drawings.

Hopefully the shop will be open in late 2022.

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