The Rome Police Department is warning residents about a National Grid scam happening within the community.

Residents are receiving calls saying they have an outstanding bill and then are asked to make immediate payment via some kind of pre-paid cards. The Rome Police Department says these are not legitimate calls.

RPD offers the following tips to avoid getting scammed:

  • National Grid will never call customers demanding immediate payment by wire transfer or pre-paid card.
  • You should never offer your personal information, account number, or financial information to someone you can't identify. A National Grid employee will know your account number. If you are unsure, hang up and call National Grid yourself.
  • A National Grid employee will always carry ID if they are visiting your home in person. Ask to see it.

Customers also report including robocalls offering 25% off future bills. These calls are not officially from National Grid and are used as a way for scammers to obtain account information.

What should you do if you believe you have come in contact with, or have fallen victim to a scam? If you believe you have fallen victim to a scam, contact National Grid and report the scam to your local law enforcement officials and the Attorney General’s office immediately.

The bottom line: if you have any doubts about whether a call is legitimate, it's better to be safe than sorry - call the company back yourself, and ask questions. The Federal Trade Commission says this type of scam, known as an Imposter Scam, cost consumers $667 million in 2019, with an average loss of $1000.


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