A tumultuous few months for Roseanne Barr continues. After a racist tweet got Barr fired from the ABC sitcom that bears her name (technically, the show was canceled but then brought back without her as The Conners), and after she blamed the whole thing on Ambien (and the people who make Ambien were like “Yeah no”) she’s begun an “apology tour.” I use that term loosely.

Barr has done a few interviews trying to explain her side of the story, but this new video above, just released to YouTube, is something very different. The title of the video is “Roseanne explains the Valerie Jarrett tweet.” The whole thing runs barely over a minute. It’s Barr, visibly angry and smoking a cigarette, yelling at an off-camera producer. “I’m trying to talk about Iran!” she screams before letting out an exasperated sigh. Then she gets really upset. “I thought the b— was white!” referring to Jerrett. Her eyes get really large. The producer off-camera chuckles at her. She takes another drag off her cigarette. Ha ... ha? It looks like something you would fight to keep from being released to the public, and yet here it is, sans context, on YouTube.

Okay so ... we’re good, right? Now we have that settled. It all make perfect sense. And Roseanne looks to be of very sound body and mind. This isn’t a disturbing video at all. No further context or questions are required. Carry on.

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