As 'Batman vs. Superman' continues filming with appearances by Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and other members of the Justice League, we know that the DC Comics universe is expanding to include a LOT of superhero movies; specifically nine untitled films dated through 2020. Yesterday, the internet got itself all excited with the news that Warner Bros. had registered a bunch of new DC Comics URLs including,, and, and that it must mean something exciting! Except, it's not really true.

As our pals at Uproxx pointed out, those "new" domains that people got excited about yesterday weren't really new at all. The 'Shazam' and 'Aquaman' sites were registered in 2000. The 'Wonder Woman' site was registered in 1999, back when we were still using dial-up modems to connect to the internet and some of you weren't even born yet!

The story came from Tech Times, who noticed that the domain names existed but didn't bother to check when they were originated. It's standard operating procedure for a company like Warner Bros. to register names for all their intellectual property, especially ones as lucrative as their DC Comics characters (that they were so forward-thinking, even back in 1999, should be applauded). And 'Wonder Woman,' 'Shazam,' 'Aquaman' and 'Justice League' movies have been bouncing in and out of development for as long as we can remember, so of course they've got the URLs registered just in case.

Now, a 'Wonder Woman' movie is coming; we know that, we saw her 'Batman vs. Superman' teaser poster at Comic-Con. We know a 'Shazam' movie is coming too, partly because The Rock can't stop gabbing about it. We don't need internet addresses to tell us that these films are coming to theaters in the near future in a big way. Now, if they registered a domain for a Arm-Fall-Off Boy movie, then THAT would be some news...

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